Clark Patterson Lee | Blog Clark Patterson Lee Blog en Copyright 2017 2017-06-24T01:21:59-04:00 <![CDATA[In the News: Revving Up the Growth]]> Check out this great profile featuring our CEO, Todd Liebert, in the Rochester Business Journal.

<![CDATA[Professional Exam Spotlights]]> There are many milestones along the path of any professional’s career that deserve to be celebrated. As a firm focused primarily on people-both those interacting with our designs as well as our own employees-celebrating those milestones is extremely important to our company culture. To that end, we'd like to shine the spotlight on a few individuals who have passed professional examinations in their respective fields.

Andrew Tripp - Passed the PE exam

Robyn Hadfield - Passed the NCIDQ exam

Jason Streb - Passed the ARE exams

Molly Livingstone - Passed the NCIDQ exam

Ben Morden - Passed the PE exam

Sara Katz - Passed the ARE exams

Adam Anzivino - Passed Autodesk Revit Professional exam

Danielle Scesney - Passed the ARE exams

Josh Erbland - Passed the FE exam

Cara Adams - Passed the NCIDQ exam

Passing exams matters, especially for the intended users of the buildings, roads and bridges that we design. That's why Clark Patterson Lee (CPL) prides itself on a culture of empowerment for employees who are striving to reach new heights within their careers.

<![CDATA[In the News: Michael Mistriner Ready to Lead Clark Patterson Lee's Buffalo Office ]]> Check out this story featured in Buffalo Business First on one of our newest accomplished team members, Mike Mistriner, AIA.

<![CDATA[In the News: How to Create a Culture for Retaining Talent]]> Insightful article in Engineering GA Magazine on how to create a workplace culture for retaining talent – complete with quotes from our Chief Culture Officer, Kathy Metcalfe!

<![CDATA[CPL Gives Portville CSD's Fitness Center a Makeover]]> The Portville Central School District’s athletic center is complete after CPL’s major renovation. This highly anticipated project was certainly worth the five-year timeline (from initial scoping and planning to completion) as it adequately reflects the school’s spirit and meets the needs of the district’s physical education and athletic program.

The project was part of the district’s capital project (approved by the voters in 2014) to make the Portville CSD’s fitness area safe, up to code and inviting to students.

Before and after pictures of the locker room

Ryne Wight, Project Manager from CPL’s Olean office, toured the old facility only to see rusted lockers barely holding on, vandalized walls and benches, and dungeon-like shower facilities.

That’s a daunting scene.

“It was hard to picture the final layout at that point,” said Wight, “but my favorite part is seeing everything come together at the end.”

Wight said that he, along with several representatives from Portville CSD, is very happy with the results.

Before and after pictures of the fitness area

The new space includes a newly constructed girls’ locker room, a completely renovated fitness space for weight lifting, wrestling practice and fitness classes, and a gutted and updated boys’ locker room.Tile climbs the walls, new dynamic flooring replaced cold concrete, and old column showers swapped out for private, individual shower heads.

Wight, with the help of Carly Owczarczak, Interior Designer in CPL’s Buffalo office, carefully picked out materials and colors that would brighten the tight, dark space.The pair chose phenolic (plastic) lockers for their long-lasting, mold- and rust-resistant nature, and designed the space with a college locker room in mind.

“Since opening at the end of January, the facility has not only been utilized by excited, proud students, but by nearly 1,000 community members over a 12-week period,” said Wight.

School officials and CPL employees all hope the renovation will encourage students to stay active and sign up for sports next season.

<![CDATA[CPL's Top Ten List of Team Building Activities]]> Company culture is the personality of an organization. Every company has one, whether it was created intentionally or developed organically over time. Our company culture is reflected in how we approach our work, how we collaborate and how we design our office environment. It's baked into our hiring decisions, benefit packages and client relationships. At CPL, we've also developed a set of core values that reflect our company culture, these include: Integrity, Collaboration, Inspiration, Ingenuity, Family, and Fun.

One of the ways that we bolster our company culture is through team building and a healthy dose of Fun (we take fun seriously as a core value). You could say that CPL is on the work hard-play hard team. We have seen the power of play strengthen camaraderie and break down bureaucratic and personal barriers to communication. Team building activities allow our dedicated staff to recharge and build relationships through common experiences.

Below is CPL’s top ten list of team building activities, all of which have been successful in providing realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals.

1. Corporate Curling

Social, strategic and super fun, curling is not only a great team bonding activity, but also an excellent collaboration exercise. The great Canadian sport encourages strategy, team communication, problem solving and sportsmanship as everyone works together to make every shot. Some engineers in our Rochester office had the opportunity to participate in a curling event and had a blast working together to learn the basics of delivery (throwing), sweeping and skipping. No curling experience is necessary to take part in a corporate curling event. All you need is a clean pair of sneakers, comfortable attire, and a “can-do” attitude.

2. CPL Shotgun Picnic

Every year, members of CPL’s Charlotte, NC, Greenville, NC, Woodstock, GA and Suwanee, GA offices gear up for the annual CPL Shotgun Picnic. With no formal training necessary, this event gives staff the opportunity to learn the safe and correct way to shoot while spending quality time with their colleagues. It’s a fun, safe and memorable instructional experience for all who participate.

3. CPL Golf Tournaments

One of the most popular team building events at CPL is the annual Northern Golf Tournament. Every year, staff from our New York offices are invited to engage in some friendly competition out on the golf course. With all golfing skill levels accepted, this hole in one experience helps colleagues build interpersonal relationships with one another as teams of 4 compete in a golf scramble.

4. Pop Up Design Charrettes

One of the most productive ways to encourage team building while still getting work done is scheduling time to incorporate design team charrettes. Recently, some members of our Buffalo office got together for a design charrette to jump start ideas and concepts for an upcoming Master Plan. This laid-back planning session was an excellent way for team members to step away from their desks, offer up ideas, give feedback and inspire one another.

5. Waffle Wednesdays

Want to make Wednesday morning’s just a little bit sweeter for your employees? Then Waffle Wednesdays may be the perfect activity. Members of our Suwanee, GA office started this weekly tradition as an easy way to bring individuals together from different disciplines and enjoy a delicious breakfast together as a team.

6. Escape Rooms

If you’re interested in a truly unique, interactive and adventurous team building experience, then our Charlotte office has a great recommendation for you. Recently, the team visited Exit Strategy where they were split into two teams and had 60 minutes to escape from a themed room. The event was a huge success in that it forced teammates to work together, communicate effectively, delegate tasks and think creatively to escape in time.

7. Twilight Skiing / Snowboarding

An activity that’s guaranteed to stimulate, challenge and detach you from your everyday work setting, corporate skiing and/or snowboarding events can be excellent team building experiences. Earlier this year, staff from our Rochester, Jamestown and Buffalo offices were invited to participate in an evening of twilight skiing/snowboarding at Bristol Mountain. Participants got to kill two birds with one stone as they spent time spent time exercising out on the slopes while making lasting memories with their colleagues.

8. iFly Indoor Skydiving

Members of CPL’s Newburgh office got to enjoy a fun and unique office outing at iFly Indoor Skydiving, where employees were “blown away” (literally) by the opportunity to freefall in a vertical wind tunnel. This exhilarating activity was encouraging for the Newburgh team as employees experienced human flight and cheered each other on.

9. Lasertron & Cyber Sport

If you’re looking for an activity that improves communication, maintains motivation and builds trust, then look no further. Last year, members of our staff came together at Lasertron in Henrietta, NY to play in one of the facility’s 9,000 s.f. multi-level laser tag arenas and then enjoy a highly competitive game one of the facility's infamous cyber sport courts. Employees had a blast participating in each immersive gaming experience and even left the event feeling like they got a work out in (players can burn up to 1,000 calories when playing two sessions of Lasertron).

10. Euchre Tournament

What better way to bond with your colleagues than to raise money for an organization in need? As part of CPL’s fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association, our Rochester staff participated in an Euchre Tournament at the office. This fun card game was an awesome way for co-workers to take a break from their busy schedules and work together towards a common goal. The tournament successfully raised over $400!

<![CDATA[Hands-On Experience Meets Meaningful Mentorship]]> A true mentor is one that possesses the willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise; provides thoughtful guidance and constructive feedback; exhibits enthusiasm in his/her respective field; and above all values the power of ongoing learning and growth. Earlier this month, two engineers out of CPL’s Binghamton office demonstrated these qualities when they volunteered to mentor 29 Lewis County middle school students in an exciting Wind Blade Challenge.

Among clients and colleagues alike, Principal Associate, Dave Chase, P.E., LEED AP, and Civil Engineer, Domenic Emilio, LEED AP, have earned a reputation for building lasting relationships, finding creative solutions and inspiring others around them to reach their full potential. That’s why when the talented duo was asked to help sponsor and participate in the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES’ inaugural Wind Blade Challenge, they both jumped at the opportunity to be part of a program that would encourage and support students in the Lewis County community.

Using only corrugated cardboard, sticks and hot glue, the primary goal of the Wind Blade Challenge was for students to design, and test cardboard turbines to see how much electricity could be produced when driven by a standard floor fan. The concept for the event was created by Walter J. Berwick Jr., who is the instructor for the new Integrated Production and Design Technology Program at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center. Students from Lowville, Copenhagen and South Lewis school districts as well as River Valley Mennonite School in Naumburg, came together and formed a total of seven teams. Chase and Emilio worked closely with each team giving them advice and suggestions as they tested their turbines for voltage at both low and high fan speeds.

“Watching the students reason through many obstacles and eventually persevere was really cool,” said Emilio. “Some teams had major malfunctions with their turbines during their first try so it was gratifying to see them learn the importance of never giving up. ”Domenic said that the key lessons learned from this challenge as well as the concepts of engineering that were explored were all applicable in his field of work.

“We’re all about building community,” said Chase. “Any opportunity to inspire and encourage young minds is something we’re always eager to do.”

With a spirit of collaboration and an intent to make a difference, both Chase and Emilio made CPL proud as they successfully worked with students to make a positive impact on their educational experience.

<![CDATA[A Groundbreaking Healthcare Event]]>
On May 10th, 2017, Rochester Regional Health (RRH) broke ground on the Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care – complete with an inspiring program and hundreds of attendees. CPL CEO, Todd Liebert, participated in the shovel ceremony, which included dozens of hospital executives, donors and partners.

Rochester General Hospital Campus will expand and enhance services currently offered at RGH and will include a state-of-the-art perioperative platform with 20 operating rooms, 26 Post-Anesthesia beds and 54 Prep/Recovery beds. Additionally, the Center will also have 108 private acuity-adaptable patient rooms, a special care nursery featuring 14 private rooms for babies, 8 new labor and delivery rooms and 20 private post-partum beds for new mothers, and other support services. Site preparation is underway with construction expected to begin in July.

<![CDATA[In the News: New Approach to Construction Catching On Here]]> Check out this story featured in the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) on how the design-build method saves money and helps nip problems earlier.

<![CDATA[CPL Welcomes New Principal / Vice President in Buffalo and New Director of Communications in Rochester]]> CPL is thrilled to welcome two highly qualified individuals to our growing teams in Buffalo in Rochester. With decades of experience in their respective fields under their belts, Mike Mistriner and Vince Press are both valuable additions to our CPL family.

As Principal and Vice President, Mike Mistriner, AIA will be responsible for providing architectural design and planning leadership to the Buffalo office. His primary focus will be on business development and growing the higher education practice throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region and across New York State. He will also serve as a resource to other CPL offices pursuing and working with higher education clients.

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and leadership to this position. His experience encompasses work with K-12, higher education and corporate clients and is evidenced on campuses and firms throughout our community. Focusing on principles of candor and integrity, Mike has exceptional communication skills as well as a deep understanding on how to successfully advise clients on a variety of building technologies. Whether you’re interested in creating a campus master plan, renovating a sports/recreations facility, designing a new performing arts center or simply enhancing student housing and campus life, Mike has the tools to guide clients with clarity and supply them with the optimum design solution.

In a newly created position, Vince Press has joined CPL’s marketing team in Rochester as the Director of Communications. In this role, Vince will oversee internal and external communications and will be responsible for strengthening CPL’s brand awareness across the company footprint. Additionally, he will work to build and maintain relationships with the local media, partners and clients alike.

Throughout his career of more than 20 successful years in PR/marketing, Vince has gained extensive expertise in public/media relations, marketing and events, with success spanning several public and private sectors, including aviation, economic development, telecom, media and architecture, engineering and construction. In addition to being well-qualified in experience for the position, his creative, versatile and personable demeanor is a perfect match for company’s irresistible culture. Vince is a champion for building relationships and pushing the corporate brand, and he will surely have a meaningful impact on our continued success and growth.

As a design firm, a lot of our work focuses on people. Whether we’re considering what people need from a well-designed classroom space or wondering how people will react to a thoughtful PR campaign, the ability to keep that “person-centered” perspective starts by us focusing on the people in our own firm - and in our opinion, we have the very best. Welcome Mike and Vince!

<![CDATA[Columbus Technical College: World-Class Welding Lab Renovation]]> If you can weld, you can get a job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding is a solid career choice for nearly 400,000 people across the United Sates. A growing field that has always been in high demand, the BLS also estimates that there will be a need for 14,400 more welders by the year 2024. With high demand comes great opportunity, and Columbus Technical College in Columbus, GA, now has a newly-renovated space to efficiently train these future in-demand workers.

The College’s 39-year-old welding classroom space has officially been transformed into a state-of-the-art, world-class welding laboratory. In addition to accommodating the welding program’s growth in enrollment, this new cutting-edge learning environment is environmentally safer for students, and more conducive to holding tours for prospective students and employers.

CPL’s Suwanee and Woodstock, GA offices supplied the project’s architects, teaming with Albion Saccia of Sandy Springs, GA, the project’s construction contractor, to ensure this fast-paced design-build project would exceed the College’s expectations. The team gave careful consideration toward maintaining the classroom’s existing circulation, and only reconfiguring the spatial adjacencies and equipment locations. This helped streamline working space for students and added ample instruction space for the professors.

Additional design considerations included the decision to go with self-contained welding booths, which eliminated the need for the large overhead filtration systems that previously existed in the space; an overhead plane in each workstation to improve energy efficiency; and a supersized window with large-scale graphics of welding action to safely showcase the new space to all onlookers and potential new students.

Lastly, staying true to the idea of “preserve and expand,” our M/E/P team upsized the existing air handling unit to accommodate the expansion of the space, appropriately scaled up the plasma cutter ventilation system, and expanded to space conditioning into the adjacent unconditioned space. These design considerations, among many others, are what helped create the desired, world-class, modern academic laboratory where students can now thrive.

<![CDATA[Landscape Architect Among First to Earn SITES Certification]]> We are proud to recognize and congratulate Landscape Architect, Richard Waite, as he is one of the first in the nation to pass the SITES certification exam and become a SITES Accredited Professional.

SITES, the Sustainable Sites Initiative, is the newest system from Green Business Certification Inc. to develop, design, and rate sustainable landscapes, encouraging green practices to literally extend to the green outside. SITES helps protect our ecosystems, taking caution to carbon storage, climate regulation, flood mitigation, resource conservation, and more.

“We are in an industry that can have a dramatic impact on the environment,” said Waite. “Irresponsible design can damage ecosystems and reduce their ability to provide services that humans depend on, and can be very difficult and costly to restore,” he said.

Waite tested in the first cohort for SITES exams, helping set the bar for certification scores. Those with the accreditation will be able to ultimately define what a sustainable site is and elevate the value of landscapes through sustainable design.

SITES pairs well with LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which focuses on green practices for architecture. The benefit of SITES is that it is not limited to solid structure or building, and can be used for landscape, parks, and recreational locations. Waite combines these certifications with his 25 years of project experience. He has been with CPL for one year, and enhances the knowledge and creativity of the landscape team.

“I’ve always enjoyed being creative and exploring nature, and landscape architecture allows me to do both in a professional capacity,” he said.

Waite makes sure to bring his work home with him, living a green life as well. His tip to the rest of us to be greener at home:

"Don't mow so much!" he said. Waite allowed part of his lawn to go to meadow, giving a beautiful, natural look to his backyard, and cutting down on household chores—that’s a bonus.

Waite is also a registered landscape architect and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. He graduated from Cornell University as a master of landscape architecture.

<![CDATA[CPL Breaks Ground at Wayne Memorial Hospital]]> Clark Patterson Lee (CPL) broke ground on Tuesday, April 11 for Wayne UNC Healthcare’s $28.9 million surgical expansion and modernization project.

The project combines architecture, interior design, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services to renovate 58,636 s.f. and design 42,459 s.f. of new construction. Project Manager Adam Chahulski, Associate Architect at CPL'sCharlotte, NC office, decided to use new technology to give Wayne Memorial staff a lifelike walkthrough of CPL’s designs.

“We tried aspects of 3D room data sheets, where we could manipulate room configurations “live” in front of the client,” Chahulski said.

Using virtual reality software, Wayne Memorial staff experienced spatial concepts and design finishes as well as day-to-day tasks all within a virtual space. After ground breaking, CPL is ready to progress. The project will provide state-of-the-art healthcare at Wayne Memorial Hospital, keeping true to its motto, changing times, changing lives, by adding:

- 13 new operating rooms, including 1 hybrid operating room and provisions for another
- 52 phase 1 and 2 patient prep/recovery rooms
- New endoscopy department
- New pre-admission testing department
- New outpatient lab department
- New surgery waiting area for families and visitors
- Renovations to existing central sterile unit

Renovations and construction will provide the spatial needs and clean, efficient organization to improve the patient experience, and allow healthcare workers to provide faster healing to Wayne Memorial patients. The project is set to complete summer 2019.

<![CDATA[Catching Up with Dan Nead]]> If you looked up “Dan Nead” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you might find this:


1. An emerging talented designer based out of Clark Patterson Lee’s Binghamton office
2. An individual with a passion for learning all things architecture and civil design
3. History buff


Johnson City, NY

Used in a sentence

Dan Nead is a valued team member at Clark Patterson Lee.

CPL met Dan back in the summer of 2009 when he worked as an intern with the firm. At the time, he was attending graduate school at the University at Buffalo working to achieve his master’s degree in architecture (Prior to this, Dan attended Clarkson University and earn a B.S. in civil engineering). Dan continued as a CPL intern for three consecutive summers and was then offered a full-time position as a designer working in both our civil and architectural departments.

When asked why he has chosen to stay with CPL all these years, Dan attributes much of his satisfaction with the firm to his positive internship experience. Each summer, he truly appreciated having exposure to some of the more realistic considerations that a design team faces while on the job. Dan said, “While I understand academia’s role in developing creativity at the university level, having early exposure to practical concerns as well as face-to-face interactions with clients and contractors was very rewarding.”

Fun Fact: During his internship here at CPL, Dan was also part of a special design team at UB. The University frequently extends opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom through internships, service learning, entrepreneurial programs, and in this case, a design competition. When Rick Smith of Rigidized Metals/Silo City (in Buffalo) came to the University, he proposed an open design competition to relocate a massive beehive on campus. Dan and four other architecture grad students stepped up to the challenge. Together, they created a free-standing, 22-foot-tall steel structure made of standard steel angle and tube sections in a honeycomb design (see images below). Dan said, “Watching a design go from paper/presentation to being able to actually construct it ourselves in the metal and wood fabrication shop made this experience fun and unforgettable.”

Nowadays, when Dan’s not busy working on site/building condition surveys, stormwater designs, civil construction inspections, road reconstruction designs, or even several architectural projects, he’s even more busy exploring his passion for history. Dan said, “I’ve been a history buff for as long as I can remember. In a nutshell, the family trip to Colonial Williamsburg was way more exciting for me than the rides at the nearby amusement park.”

Spending much of his free time listening to various audiobooks and lecture series, Dan is a true believer in the saying, “If you want to understand today, you have to research yesterday.” He also believes that history exposes you to an almost infinite amount of examples in problem solving and helps you learn about gaining perspective, which can certainly be useful as a designer.

In 10 words or less, why does design matter to Dan?

“In the end, people have to use what was designed.”

<![CDATA[A Day in the Life of a Marketing Coordinator]]> On the surface, many people know the individuals at CPL to be architects, engineers, planners and industry specialists spanning multiple disciplines. While these professionals certainly make up the bulk of our workforce, CPL also employs experts in marketing, communications, graphic design, finance, human resources, information technology and administrative support. Collectively, these in-house experts have the necessary skillsets and experiences to help push our firm along a continued path of exponential growth.

Working out of our Rochester office, Haley Wehner is one of CPL’s talented marketing coordinators. She spends much of her time developing creative, written responses to RFP’s and RFQ’s, and is also involved with the execution of various in-bound marketing initiatives for the firm. Recently, however, Haley’s passion for photography was recognized and she now adds in-house photography to her list of responsibilities.

What led you to pursue a career in marketing in the A/E industry?

Having been raised by two architects in Rochester, I’ve always had a strong connection to our local architecture and engineering community. As a child, I was always reaching for whatever was on my parent's drafting boards, flipping through architecture books and drawing with Prismacolor pencils. A typical conversation at the Wehner family’s dinner table was either about projects that my parents were working on, business development opportunities, town board meetings or what roof my mom was on that day. Naturally, I became interested in architecture, and focused my energies on the creative arts that complement the work of our architects and engineers.

Before I officially entered the industry, I studied Fine Art at Purchase College. During summer and winter breaks, my experience with Adobe software opened the door to an internship in the marketing department at the A/E firm my father worked at. While that experience started out as mere summer job, as time progressed, I discovered that being a marketing coordinator in this industry was the perfect bridge to connect my interest in architecture and 2D design.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I do a lot of things. While much of my day to day work is usually based around developing proposals and qualifications packages for many of our municipal, higher education and healthcare clients, another portion of my day is spent on creating relevant content for our social media platforms. I also work closely with our in-house Graphic Designer, Andy Schmitz, on new visual graphics to include in proposals, interview presentations and awards submissions.

Most recently, I’ve become the company’s in-house photographer, taking professional headshots of employees as well as architectural photos of CPL projects. (See examples of Haley's work below)

(Pictured left to right: Architectural Designer, Jason Streb; Interior Designer, Susan Clark; Structural Engineer, Brian Cooney)

(Pictured left to right: Architect, Emilio de Leon; Architect, Rachel Guillot; Civil Engineer, Dave Hastings)

How did your role as a Marketing Coordinator morph into one that allows you to explore and express your passion for photography?

As a student, I studied large format photography (see examples below). Working with a view camera exposed me to a new way of making photographs and helped me better understand architectural photography. In short, ever since college, I’ve always had an interest in pursuing photography on my own, but didn’t have the opportunity to do so until I was at CPL. When the firm was interested in getting new professional headshots for our staff, I felt that I had the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done.

So far, it’s been rewarding in more ways than one having the opportunity to create a new bank of employee and project images. Not only do I get to fulfill one of my favorite passions at work, I also get to play a role in expressing who we are as firm; fun, sophisticated and warm people who truly love what we do.

(Large format photography from Haley's personal collection)

You’ve been working with the firm for almost a full year now. How did you end up at CPL and why do you choose to stay?

Clark Patterson Lee found me! Years ago, my mom worked here in the St. Paul Street building with John Patterson, just before I was born. It was around this time last year that I was looking for potential job opportunities in the area, and CPL was on the top of my list. Since the firm was in need of marketing support, I had a feeling it would be a perfect match.

When I officially joined the marketing team, I knew I had made the right career move. What I didn’t know was how much this job was going to mean to me. The opportunities to be creative, pursue my passion, and work in a collaborative environment have made the decision to stay here a no brainer. The people here are all fabulous. We work hard and have fun at the same time. What more could you want in a job?

What’s been one of your favorite at-work experiences?

So far, my favorite at-work experience was getting to meet more of our CPL family while traveling to our Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC offices. CPL does a great job connecting employees from each of our office locations so that we can all feel like a big team.

What’s one of the most important things you’ve learned thus far in your career?

Patience and time management are two key ingredients if you want to be a successful marketing coordinator. Last minute deadlines come with the territory, so it’s essential to stay calm and manage your time wisely. Coordinators are also constantly juggling multiple tasks at once, collecting information from various sources, and communicating with tons of different people. Personally, I love the fast-paced environment that I work in and I think the changing of tasks is one of the most fun parts of the job. It’s definitely never a dull day in CPL's marketing department!

<![CDATA[Geneva High School Athletic Complex]]>

High school sports and recreation facilities should be touchstones of a district’s overall identity. They should also be designed to promote physical education and encourage a wide variety of athletic opportunities. This month, we’re excited to showcase an animation of the designs for the new athletic complex at Geneva High School. In addition to reflecting the school’s spirit, the designs clearly demonstrate the Geneva City School District’s commitment to student health.

The Geneva High School athletic complex project is part of a larger, multi-site capital improvement project that the district is currently embarking on. In short, the project involves the demolition of the high school’s existing gymnasium and a re-build of a new complex that will occupy the same footprint and spaces. These spaces include a gymnasium; an auxiliary gym with a rock climbing wall and a full indoor pitching cage/batter’s box; a fitness center and weight room; and team locker rooms. The district is also very proud to be demolishing their aging “Loman field” and creating a state-of-the-art stadium with a synthetic turf field, new all-weather track and multiple field events that will allow them to host sectional games.

As seen in the animation, large translucent wall panels with graphic imagery of the school’s new logo play a prominent role in the design of the interior spaces. Additionally, the exterior of the building is clad in a graphite and varying shades of grey brick, all of which were chosen specifically for the project. The end result represents a clean, bold and modern design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the needs of the district’s athletic teams and physical education program.

<![CDATA[In the News: Clark Patterson Lee Has Designs on Growth]]> The Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) recently featured CPL and the extensive growth we’ve experienced over the last 14 months. The full article, published on March 10, 2017, shares exciting news about noteworthy projects located up and down the east coast, including the Northside Drive Pedestrian Bridge near Mercedes-Benz Stadium; Rochester Regional Health’s Riedman Health Center in the Ridge Goodman Plaza; and the Worlds of Puppetry Museum, which is the latest addition to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA.

The article also attributes much of our growth to an improved economy in the last few years, increased work in the education sector, as well as an enhanced focus on professional development and intentional company culture.

<![CDATA[Introducing Our Chief Culture Officer]]> As modern workplaces continue to evolve, company culture is playing a more prominent role in attracting and retaining talent. Culture also impacts the bottom line. At CPL, we see great value in fostering a positive and unique work culture, one that allows our talented staff to fall in love with what they do on a daily basis. As a result of rapid growth in our workforce over the past two years, the demand to manage and build CPL’s irresistible culture highlighted the need for an internal culture specialist. In an effort to accommodate that need and continue on our path of growth and success, Kathy Metcalfe was named CPL’s first Chief Culture Officer (CCO) earlier this year.

In her new role as CCO, she continues to lead the HR team by being the ultimate champion for workplace engagement and ensuring our culture is in alignment with our core values: Integrity – inspiration – ingenuity – collaboration – family – fun.

“I think it speaks volumes that our board members understand how an intentional culture can be the basis for a sustainable company,” Kathy said. “They also recognize that if you don’t strategically pilot the culture of your company, a culture will be created by default, and it may not be the one you want. That’s why I’m excited to identify and execute initiatives that support a high-performance workplace culture, one that ultimately engages staff, builds trust and infuses meaning into people’s work.”

One of Kathy’s biggest strengths is her ability to focus on what makes us fundamentally different here at CPL, our people. She understands that our employees are our number one asset, and that focusing on ways to bring more joy into their workplace can be a source of our firm’s overall competitive advantage.

Since the start of the New Year, there has already been a noticeable push towards a high impact learning culture; company wellness programs; and fun office outings, all of which support CPL’s mission to be “simply irresistible.” For example, just last week, staff from our Rochester, Jamestown and Buffalo offices were invited to participate in a twilight skilling/snowboarding event at Bristol Harbor mountain.

Additionally, earlier this month, members of CPL’s Newburgh office got to enjoy a fun and unique office outing at iFly Indoor Skydiving, where employees were “blown away” (literally) by the opportunity to freefall in a vertical wind tunnel. Both events speak well to a “work hard play hard” mentality, and are aligned with our core values.

“We can’t assume that company culture is on auto-pilot,” said Kathy. “There must be a conscious effort in creating a workplace of which employees can be genuinely happy and proud.”

<![CDATA[RRH Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care]]>

The 6 story, 312,000 s.f. addition and renovation on the Rochester General Hospital campus marks a major milestone of growth and expansion for one of the region’s largest health systems. Once completed, the new patient bed tower will offer 108 state-of-the-art, acuity adaptably private patient rooms on the upper 3 floors as well as 20 new multi-disciplinary OR’s and a new maternity wing, featuring 14 special care nursery rooms.

Designed to be a high profile form on the campus, the Critical Care Center (CCC) will undoubtedly become the new face of Rochester General. Conceptual renderings show the upper form of the building as a large curve, which allows natural light to flood into patient rooms. The curve also softens the ‘edge’ of the building at the street level and provides a feeling of movement.

Adding to the overall user experience, both patients and visitors will experience breathtaking views, not only from their rooms but at special waiting areas on the corners of the building as the facility will feature full glass corners from floor to ceiling. The building will also incorporate terra cotta panels, which gives a modern take on brick (the primary material on the campus). Using two different terra cotta colors not only gives the building a lighter and more dynamic appearance, but it also brings harmony to the brick and limestone color scheme, which is prevalent on the main campus.

The CPL healthcare design team has worked hard to ensure the new building maintains visual context with its surroundings while still establishing itself as a modern, state-of-the-art complex. We are excited to be part of such a crucial project for Rochester Regional Health (RRH) as it will help pave the way for long-term success.

<![CDATA[CPL Welcomes Robert Comery]]> We are pleased to welcome Robert Comery to our architectural design group in Charlotte, NC. Robert joins our team with over 21 years of experience in the A/E industry, and has expertise in designing and coordinating projects for residential homes as well as higher education projects such as residence halls and classroom buildings.

Robert’s educational background includes The College of the Bahamas, where he earned an Associates of Arts in Architecture, and Tuskegee University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Architecture. It was while he was still pursuing his Bachelor’s degree that he had one of his most memorable design experiences to date. During his summer breaks, Robert had the opportunity to work directly with Architect, Jackson Burnside, on the first phase of the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas.

“Yes, I was in heaven,” he said. “We did the Construction Administration and our office was in a condo, on site, about 50 yards from the beach. It was my first time being involved in such a large and substantial project.”

Fast forward to one of his most recent projects, Robert generated construction documents for the Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House project, which was featured on HGTV! The greatest challenge for this project was striving to incorporate all of the owner’s desires on an 8’x28’ trailer, and still make it feel spacious.

“This was an awesome experience for me and definitely something different,” Robert said. “I’ve done a number of residential hommes but none that were permanently attached to a trailer. I learned quite a few tips and tricks while working on this project such as the inclusion of an under-counter washer and dryer combo unit, a 4’ long tub as well as peel and stick walk tiles.”

Robert’s unique architectural experiences make him a valuable addition to our growing team in Charlotte, and we are excited to welcome him aboard.

Some fun facts about Robert:

1. Favorite Keurig flavor? Hazelnut - Although I am allergic to nuts...LOL!

2. Best lunch spot around the Charlotte office? Po Boys on Freedom Drive - You must try their Alligator Po-Boy sandwich (Awesome!)

3. Any fun/interesting hobbies? Doodling, sketching, painting (oil base). I also enjoy running. I've done three 5ks with my daughter so far and have fallen in love with it.

4. Most important thing you've learned in your career? In a recent article I read, the author asked a question, "Is architecture primarily the business of problem-solving for clients, or centrally an act of imagining then actualizing spaces to enhance human experiences?" In every project type that I've had experience in, I've found this to be true.